DTV Terms of Service

DTV Terms Of Service

We are dedicated to providing the best possible customer service and the broadest range of quality programming. MTA is proud of our relationship with you, our customer, and we look forward to many years of continued service in the community.

Use of DTV and/or Internet service constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Service. A complete schedule of Terms of Service is available for inspection at our headquarters, located at 1740 S. Chugach St, Palmer, Alaska. These may be inspected during our normal business hours.

  1. The Customer must subscribe to MTA local telephone service. DTV and/or High-Speed Internet (if applicable) will be transmitted across the same line as the customer’s primary telephone service. Customer hereby consents to delivery of DTV and/or high-speed Internet over their primary phone line.
  2. Unless specifically noted, this service is for non-commercial, residential use only by and for the benefit of the subscriber at the installed location. The service may not be resold or rebroadcast in any way, shape, or form.
  3. Some equipment is provided as part of the delivery of the service. The loss or destruction of equipment provided with the service or leased to the customer will result in a charge to the customer, based on a published fee schedule. This may, but may not necessarily include: ADSL modem; digital set top converter; switches, routers, or gateways; remotes; keyboards.
  4. We are not responsible for defacement of property resulting from the installation of service.
  5. All wiring installed as part of the service installation is owned by us and may be rendered inoperable upon discontinuation of service. Wiring will not be removed upon discontinuation of service.
  6. The minimum service period is 12 months.


Billing process
As our customer, you are billed monthly, in advance, for the DTV services and equipment to which you have subscribed. Your first bill extends from the first day of Digital Television services to your billing cycle date and one month forward, and will include credit for any funds collected at the time of your installation. Charges for DTV service will appear on your MTA telephone bill.
Partial month charges will be itemized on your statement if you add or change service between billing dates. Payments can be made on or before the due date.
In the event that your Digital Television service is interrupted and is not reestablished within 24 hours from the time a request for repair is made, your account may be credited on a prorated basis for loss of service during each 24-hours following your request.

Payment options
We offer you a number of payment options. You may mail your payment to the address listed on your bill. Our Customer Care offices offer drop boxes and payment in person by cash, check, or credit card. You may arrange to have your monthly Digital Television charges billed automatically to your credit card.

Billing Questions
Please review your statement each month. Should you have a question, please bring it to our attention within 30 days so that we can review it. Please pay all amounts not in question by the due date to keep your account current.

Late or Missing Payments
Please note there is a late charge assessed to any account which is not paid in full by the “Due Date” listed on your bill. If your account is disconnected due to nonpayment, a reconnection fee will be required to reconnect your Digital Television service. Returned checks are subject to a $25.00 return fee.


Upon arriving at your home for an installation or service appointment, our employees will properly identify themselves by using their first and last name and the reason for the visit. It is required that someone over 18 years of age be home during the installation of your Digital Television service. This will insure complete installation and allow you to become more familiar with your Digital Television service and equipment.


You have the right to cancel your service for any reason at any time, by giving us notice. We will refund any balance due to you after discontinuation of services, if there are no outstanding charges and all Digital Television equipment has been returned to us. Any refund due to you may be applied against other outstanding MTA charges.
If you are disconnecting service and will not be reconnecting service at a new location, you will need to return all DTV equipment, such as your ADSL modem, digital converter, and remote, to one of our Customer Care offices in Eagle River, Palmer, or Wasilla. If you do not, you will automatically be charged for all unreturned equipment.


You may decide to add new Digital Television services or change your existing service level at any time.
We encourage you to select the Digital Television programming service that best fits your viewing preferences. We offer a number of additional and optional services. Please call Customer Care for further information.


We are pleased to provide you with the following procedures to help us resolve any Digital Television signal problems as quickly as possible.

  1. Any time you have a problem with your Digital Television reception, please call our Customer Assistance Department. Customer Assistance Representatives can be reached by phone 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.
  2. When you call us about your Digital Television service during normal business hours, an agent will attempt to resolve the problem over the phone. If the problem cannot be resolved, the agent will schedule a Service Technician to visit your home.
  3. When you place a service call outside of regular business hours, the trouble will be logged immediately, and an agent will follow up on the next working day during normal business hours.
  4. Emergencies affecting signal quality, such as fallen utility poles or violent storms, may interfere with reception of Digital Television service. We are committed to promptly correcting an emergency situation. We pledge immediate response at any time if a large area of the system is experiencing technical difficulties.
  5. Our agents and technicians are trained and have the authority to do whatever is reasonably necessary to resolve a customer’s problem or initiate the solution, including replacement of any non-operating equipment, in order to provide quality service. If our staff is unable to resolve a problem to your satisfaction, please ask to speak to a supervisor or manager; they will be happy to help.

We urge you to call or write us any time you have questions or concerns about your service, equipment hook-up, or any other aspect of the Digital Television service.


Sometimes the satellites from which we receive much of our programming are positioned directly between the earth and the sun. This usually occurs during the first weeks of March and October. When this happens, the energy of the sun can overpower the satellite signals for several minutes at a time, resulting in an interruption of signal. This disruption generally does not last more than 10 minutes a day during this limited “sun outage” period.


Here are some things you should know about how DTV works with your TV or VCR. With Digital Television connected to your home entertainment system, you enjoy the best choice, convenience and value. Extra steps may be required for Digital Television to work effectively with various equipment.

Digital Set-Top Converters
You need a digital set-top converter to receive services and channels. We will provide you with a digital set-top converter, which will enable your TV to receive any scrambled channels. The converter enables your TV to receive all of the channels and services we offer. You must use the digital set-top converters that we provide; third-party equipment will not be compatible with the DTV system.

Remote Controls
The remote provided with your set-top converter is designed specifically for that purpose. It may also be used to control other equipment such as your television set or your VCR. Please consult the user’s guide provided with your equipment for a specific list of devices supported by the remote.

Other Equipment
The set-top converter “converts” all Digital Television channels to channel 3. You can only receive one channel at a time through the converter. This means that there may be certain features of your TV and VCR that you will not be able to use without additional equipment. For instance, you may have trouble taping one program while watching another or using the picture-in-picture feature. Consult the user’s manual of your equipment for specifics on compatibility.


Collection of Information
We are required by the Federal Digital Television Communications Policy Act of 1984 to inform you about personally identifiable information which is in our files. The information that this Digital Television system collects and maintains includes billing records; service maintenance and repair records; premium service subscription information; marketing information and subscriber complaints. We utilize this information to make sure that you are being properly billed for the service you receive. We also use this information for service calls, customer surveys, billing collection and marketing needs, as well as for our own tax and accounting records. Federal law prohibits Digital Television systems from collecting any personally identifiable information other than information necessary to carry on our business or to detect theft of services, unless you consent.

Unless otherwise noted, all the personally identifiable information we collect is used solely for the business purpose of offering and rendering Digital Television service to you. Some authorized individuals have access to such information when necessary in connection with our business. Access is as often as needed and may be on a day-to-day basis. Those people include Digital Television system employees; Digital Television system sales agents; businesses which provide services to the Digital Television system, such as our accountants, billing and collection service; program and program guide providers where applicable; program services which will periodically audit subscription information; equipment suppliers; and representatives of the franchising authority. We will not maintain such information after it is no longer necessary for carrying on our business.
As a subscriber, you may review any personal information held by us which pertains to you given a reasonable period of time to locate and, if necessary, prepare the information for review (preparation is sometimes necessary to avoid disclosure of information relating to other subscribers). If you wish to review your personal information, please contact us to set up an appointment during regular business hours. You may request correction of any errors in personal information which we collect or maintain pertaining to you.

Mailing Lists
We are permitted to disclose personally identifiable information to the extent necessary to conduct our business. In addition, the law allows us to disclose your name and address for non-Digital Television service related mailing lists or other purposes unless you advise us in writing you do not wish us to disclose it. However, such disclosures of names and addresses may not be in a form that discloses the nature of any transaction you make over a two way system. If you do not want to have your name and address disclosed, please contact us at a Customer Care office in Eagle River, Palmer, or Wasilla.

Disclosure by Court Order
We may disclose personally identifiable information without your consent if we are required to do so by court order. If we are served with a court order requiring disclosure of personally identifiable information concerning a subscriber, we will inform the subscriber before any information is released. Under some circumstances, a governmental entity may seek a court order to obtain personally identifiable information from the Digital Television system concerning a Digital Television subscriber. The subscriber must be given an opportunity to contest such an order.