DTV User Guides

Potenza Remote Control

Potenza Setup Methods [pdf]   |   Potenza Programming   |   Potenza Quick Guide [pdf]

Potenza User Guide [pdf]   |   Potenza DVR Button Controls [pdf]


Amino and Titan Guides

Amino A140 Set Top Box User Guide [pdf]   |   Amino A540 HD/DVR Set Top Box User Guide [pdf]

Titan Remote Control User Guide [pdf]   |   Titan Remote Control Code Information


Explore The Features Of Your DTV

Tune in to channel 899. Channel 899 plays a tutorial that explains the features available to you. So grab your remote, get comfy, and click right along with the tutorial. Here are a few other handy links:
DTV Onscreen Tutorial

Creating Recording Folders [pdf]

Using Your DVR Online [pdf]

Using The ManageMyTVs App [pdf]

Creating A Favorites List [pdf]

Parental Controls [pdf]

Channels Displayed In The Guide [pdf]

Closed Captioning [pdf]