Using Watch TV Everywhere

DTV Gold or Big Dipper subscribers can register for Watch TV Everywhere extras for free. Here’s how to register:

  1. Get your MTA statement and take note of your DTV account number.
  2. Open and select MTA Communications, LLC from the provider list.
  3. Click the register tab and complete all the fields.
    • For Account Number, enter the DTV account number from your statement.
    • For Verification Code, enter the random number displayed to the right of the field (next to the word, Enter).
    • Take note of the new password you create.
    • Click the Register button.
  4.  When validation is complete, you will see a message about your primary email address. Click the Create Account button. Check your email and open the message from Watch TV Everywhere. Click the activation link.
  5. A web page will open and indicate that your account is activated. Click the log in tab. Enter your email and new password. Click the Login button. Select MTA Communications, LLC from the provider list. On the home page, you will see logos for every participating network in your package.
  6. You are now registered!

See the one-page MTA WTVE Guide for these instructions and more information about how to watch TV on your computers, mobile devices, and tablets. Please note: It’s important that you monitor your Internet data usage because you are charged and additional fee for usage that exceeds your monthly package allowance.